2013 Holy Week Pilgrimage for Immirgrants2013 Holy Week Pilgrimage for Immirgrants

Please join us on Wednesday, March 27th at 1 PM for the 5th Annual Holy Week Pilgrimage for Immigrants.Read more ...

Stay of Execution for Warren HillStay of Execution for Warren Hill

Warren Hill was issued a stay of execution tonight by both the US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Georgia Court of Appeals.Read more ...

2012 Catholic Earth Day2012 Catholic Earth Day

Please join us for 3rd annual Catholic Earth Day on April 22, 2 P.M.at Ignatius House Retreat Center.  Care for the earth is not just an Earth Day slogan, it is a requi...Read more ...

Finding Jesus...Welcoming Christ Within our IHM Immigrant CommunityFinding Jesus...Welcoming Christ Within our IHM Immigrant Community

On January 23rd, IHM hosted a panel discussion of the current issues in IHM’s immigrant community.Read more ...

An Ambiguous AnniversaryAn Ambiguous Anniversary

June 5, the 30th anniversary of the article first publicly acknowledging AIDS, is certainly an ambiguous anniversary—a time for celebrating and a time for lamenting.Read more ...


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